Migration and political (non-)participation in origin countries: Romanians and Poles in Oslo and Barcelona

Authors: GABRIELLA MIKIEWICZ, ANATOLIE COȘCIUG, KACPER SZULECKI, CORINA TULBURE, MARTA BIVAND ERDAL, DAVIDE BERTELLI & ANGELINA KUSSY;  Published in: Routed Magazine,  February 2021, Issue 14 , available in Open Access. Recent decades have seen an increase in the number of European states which allow their citizens abroad to vote in national elections. External voting – that is, […]

Illiberal Remittances. Is Mass Migration and the Demise of the Myth of the West Fueling Populism in CEE?

Author: Kacper Szulecki; Published in: Aspen Review Central Europe (February 2020), available in Open Access. Freedom of movement—particularly to travel and work in the “West”—was something Central Europeans dreamed of behind the Iron Curtain, and used to be given as the number one rationale for joining the EU. What if mass migration and democratic backsliding […]

Illiberal Remittances? Studying the Political Dynamics and Voting Patterns of CEE Migrants in Western Europe

Authors: Ben Stanley and Kacper Szulecki; Presented at: ECPR General Conference, University of Wroclaw, 6 September 2019, Panel “Migration and Electoral Politics in Europe and Beyond” While populism scholars have looked at the ways in which migrants become objects of populist politics, we understand too little about the role of migrants as subjects in the […]

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